“I had the pleasure of getting to know Jill when she worked as our Realtor over the past few years.

She professionally demonstrated all the qualities and skills of what we expected from a Realtor. From the start she presented herself as a professional that showed excellent knowledge of the real estate market and was fast at understanding what our needs were. Jill showed herself to be very aware of us, always making us feel like we were her most important clients. When working with Jill she was always very conscientious in her relationships with us and with all the other people involved in her industry. She often went out of her way to show us a property or come to our house during the late hours of the night to write up contracts, always with a smile. In addition, Jill went above and beyond not only in helping us find the perfect home, but also when it came to listing our property. She stood by our decisions, always having our best interests in mind. Being a Realtor requires knowledge of mortgages, property taxes, building codes, market values, public relations, relationship building, sales, marketing, and a variety of other talents. Jill consistently demonstrated these skills and talents time and time again. We still consider Jill our Realtor and hope that if we were to buy and sell property again she would work with us. In fact we recommended her to our friends who also had a great experience working with Jill. In addition to our professional relationship, Jill and my family developed a trust and admiration that was crucial in the whole process of buying and selling our home. It can be very stressful and Jill showed a genuine care for us.”

- Lise & Steve


“My name is Stuart and I have been a real estate broker in Canmore, Alberta for over thirty years.

I was the broker/owner of Banff-Canmore Realty when Jill came to work for my company in the capacity of a real estate agent a number of years ago. It was evident from the very outset that Jill was ideally suited for the job. She was a very fast learner who could focus on any particular task assigned to her and worked well with other people in the office. She was self-motivated and used her intelligence and hard work to achieve the results she had set her sights on and could think on her feet. Jill has a very warm personality, was always punctual and dressed in a professional manner suited to her position. Jill also worked very successfully with another agent in our office and became one of the companies’ top producers in the years she spent with me.”

- Stuart


“I had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know, Jill in the fall of 2009 after a friend recommended her to me and my husband as a realtor in Canmore.

We were considering a weekend home and wanted expert advice for what would be a significant financial and personal investment for us.

In the past 15 years, I have been on the buying or selling end of approximately a dozen home sales and I have worked with many realtors. I can say that, without reservation, Jill was easily the best, brightest and hardest working realtor I have worked with. Even on short notice, she always did a tremendous amount of preparation for each listing we saw, providing us with additional hard copy background information over and above the typical MLS handouts most realtors rely upon.

Jill’s knowledge of the market and her complete dedication to us as clients made us feel very comfortable with our ultimate decision to buy a home in Canmore. In addition to her skills as a realtor, Jill was also someone who was extremely personable and likeable.”


- Christine & Miles


“We had an unusual and complicated sale/purchase that was tricky at times for all concerned.

It would’ve been easy to get derailed in technical details, but it never happened, thanks to Jill.

Jill absolutely knows her stuff - the business side of things, and financial and legal aspects that seem to be in a constant state of change. I had no idea how complicated it can get - the knowledge needed, the fast thinking and judgment required to meet deadlines - but she was on top of the process throughout and was able to answer my questions about it in ways that made it really easy to understand. She advised step by step what was going to happen and what she needed from me in order to move things forward.

Jill has a great network of colleagues for every aspect of the preparation phase, the sale/purchase, and the move - from mortgage brokers, to home construction experts, to lawyers, to realtors in other cities, to home inspectors - and she can call upon them at a moment’s notice to help you reach your goals quickly. She has interior design skills and instinctively knows how to show your home in the most creative way possible, while at the same time finding and negotiating for you exactly what you’re looking for in your new house. She pays attention to detail in formal documents, and is accessible and committed every step of the way. This particular sale and purchase happened during the holiday season, and Jill thankfully navigated us through it all in the space of just 6 weeks, with a minimum of stress and a lot of laughs along the way! Considering she had other deals going on at the same time, I don’t know how she did it.

It was the human touches though, that most impressed me - the respect for other people’s schedules and needs, and especially the cards, wine, food and flowers waiting in the new home when we walked in the door! That was fantastic!

So I would say that if a person is looking for a realtor who is smart, creative, easy to work with, dedicated, and who really knows her business and community, Jill Bourget is the person to call!”

- Barb